Our Mission

To create and execute integrated solutions that enable organisations to rapidly scale their sustainability efforts, which will also translate into higher ESG scores

Message From Our Leadership

Ramkrishna Mankari

Ramkrishna Mankari | Chairman, Managing Director

Sekhar Seshan

Dinesh Lamsal | CEO

Our world is undergoing an unprecedented period of change and commitment to sustainability, and ESG is no longer a marque word but an absolute reality for corporates across the globe. Organisations seek reliable and trustworthy partners to help them navigate this mission-critical agenda.

This presents us with a unique opportunity. Over the years, we have achieved exponential growth and have overcome many challenges. Our success is driven by our unmatched domain expertise, commitment & people power to deliver innovative solutions and leverage new growth opportunities consistently.

We have rebranded ourselves as “Catalyst” to show our dedication to driving change. We believe it will help us grow, expand internationally, and achieve our goal of providing comprehensive sustainability solutions to our clients and working towards a sustainable future.